SeaSim – Helm-to-Rudder Simulator

Problem: Australian Navy students required a learning tool to help visualise the effects of controlling the rudder from the bridge and the engine room.

Solution: PSI Fluid Power designed and built the SeaSim to offer a complete hands on experience in state of the art operation of a ship’s rudder controls from both the bridge and the engine room. 

Pressure Chamber

Problem: Design and build a 57-litre 20-bar pressure chamber for a customer to pressure test their electronic instruments.

Solution: The chamber has an inner chamber that is filled with water and the instruments are lowered into with the cables over the edge of this chamber.

CFA Control Bench

Problem: Design a remote operated pneumatic system to control the intensity of flames at a Country Fire Authority fire simulator site for training.

Solution: We created and provided a Fire Control Bench simulator for the training of fire fighter crews extinguishing fires. An operator sits in a control tower and directed supervisors to assist in the training of new recruits.

Queensland Sugar Mill

Problem: Operators complained that manually controlling air dampers was dangerous and an OH&S issue.

Solution: We were able to provide a supply assembled valve cylinder combination package for controlled operation of air damper systems.

Automotive Industry

Problem: Large 40 tonne vibration test bench supported on air bags would create a wave pattern due to the frequency, in turn this would distort the results and cause the test bench to shut down.

Solution: We provided a closed loop Fairchild transducer and display monitor systems controlling three banks of air bags in a test bed at an automotive test facility.

Shell Australia

Problem: Customer had an old manual filling system for filling 20litre and 200litre drums – low volume petroleum products. Due to an increase in production they engaged a company to automate the filling and weighing of the process. 

Solution: We supplied a number control boxes to automate the process valving